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Philosophy of GO LED SERVICE

As one of the most professional visual aftermarket solution providers in Led display repair industry. The things we focus and value are also the key demand for most of the customers. Quality first is our core value, to return with perfect performance product is our eternal target. And our slogan "YES, WE ARE HERE. "  is also a promise for all customers.


Service is endless

When sales ends, our mission begins

Our Core

As a professional repair company, we have the most comprehensive service content for the audio-visual industry. If you are looking for a company to cooperate with, it is us.

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Repair of damaged modules


We can repair the mainstream modules on the market, any pixel pitch, any module type, including indoor and outdoor, high brightness and brightness, etc.

Onsite Service


For customers without engineering team or installation experience, we will provide immediate on-site services, including on-site maintenance, installation guidance, performance or event support, and other troubleshooting to ensure that customers' products can work perfectly in the application.

Worn material recycling


For customers out of warranty products, we are able to carry out scrap recycling, one benefit is that we can help customers empty the inventory, clear the warehouse, another benefit is that if we can repair, there will be a lot of material spare parts, each party take what they need.

Customized product design service


Since we have dealt with a large number of faulty products during the after-sales maintenance, we have a set of own views on the mature product design, so we can effectively match the height and material selection according to the customer's requirements, avoiding the later difficulties in product cost, process and maintenance from the design source.


Our Work Process

Four steps to know how to deliver your damged items to us


Specify  your requirements

We will communicate with customers in detail the details of maintenance, on-site or other service content, determine the adequacy of spare parts, software and other necessary conditions, and then make further arrangements.


Quotation discussion

Received the test report from our engineers, provide quotation based on it and waiting for customer's decision, if confirmation received, we carry out repair, if not, we return the parcels with all items.


Test report

The maintenance of each module must be tested in advance. The engineer will test all damaged modules, record all faults and quantities, and pass it to the sales staff for front-end confirmation before accepting maintenance instructions to perform maintenance.


Payment and delivery

After receiving the payment, we start to repair and return all modules in perfect condition.

"TEST ITEMS" we need

√  Hub+Receiving card

√  Module cable

√  Special LED - From Nichia, CREE etc.

√  Special IC - From Jointech, Fuman etc.


X  Special technology - COB / GOB

X  Related System - Processor and Console

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Why You Choose


What We Have

7/24 on-call service

Because we are located in Belgium, the heart of Europe, the geographical environment is very advantageous. Benelux and German-speaking countries are so close to us, which allows us to leave a lot of money for our customers, whether it is online coaching, offline shipping or on-site handling. Time to maximize efficiency.

Professional service team

Our engineers in Europe all have work visas, and there are also engineers trained by ourselves in Belgium. The work visa engineers are composed of very experienced personnel from the international after-sales team of Chinese LED display manufacturers. High ability to deal with complex problems, and we have a very good relationship with Chinese display screen manufacturers and peripheral equipment accessories suppliers, and can solve all hardware and software problems for customers in the first time.

Understanding of customer demand

In addition to our technical strength, we also make all foreign customers feel at home because of the high degree of localization of the company's team. The company has professionals in Chinese, English, French and Dutch, who can communicate with customers in these places in their native language, and can accurately understand the needs of customers.